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Every other Saturday, during the winter, Salt Lake is lucky enough to have a farmers market downtown. It starts in November, shortly after the summer market ends, and runs until April. It is from 10-2; located in the lovely Rio Grande Depot building. Parking is pretty easy and close by so you do not have to walk far.

Out front there is the Lorenz Mobile Sharpener for all your dull, metal instrument needs. They will sharpen everything short of wit; knives, axes, scissors, etc. I used to visit these folks in their shop, and once had them out to our neighborhood. Now I can multitask, get the knives sharpened, buy vegetables, and pick up a few baked goods and sweets. I love crossing things of my to do list.

Sugared signI visited this past Saturday when the weather was so lovely. You only have one more chance to visit the market before Christmas! You can pick up some really great winter vegetables and of course, sweets. 😉

While there on Saturday, this cute table caught my eye, Sugared Caramel Candy. The use of worn-looking drawers is a clever way to display candy. I would love to have taken this picture from afar and given you a look at the whole display of goods but there was never a break in the crowd! It probably had to do with the two delicious jars of caramel sauce that sat open, beckoning folks to dip the provided pretzel sticks in. I do appreciate samples and the salty pretzels paired well with the sweet caramel.

Sugared table decorI managed to edge in and select a few pieces of caramel to sample. The young lady at the booth was helpful. She also included an ingredient list when she bagged my selections. The flavors I picked up were Lavender, Espresso, Vanilla, Earl Gray, and Sea Salt. The caramel runs $1 a piece but there is a deal where you pick 10 pieces for $8. The caramel sauce, $7 a jar, is a buttery, delicious steal when you compare it to the stuff you can get in a grocery store.

Sugared Caramel lineupI managed to wait through all my shopping and the entire drive home before digging into these golden beauties.  Favorites you wonder? Yes, the Espresso Caramel was my favorite with the Sea Salt Caramel a very close runner up. All the flavors were good but these two stood out.

The caramels were slightly sticky to touch but they separated easily from the wrapper. And no worries for your crowns/fillings, the caramel was not hard and they did not stick to my teeth. All the flavors had a smooth mouth feel except the Lavender, it contains actual lavender rather than just being infused with the flavor. And my favorite part, all made right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, with pronounceable ingredients! And when they can, Sugared uses local ingredients. Local supporting local? Be still my sugared heart.

I might have missed the season for the apple flavored caramels but next time I hope to try a Ginger Spiced Caramel, maybe even some of the Chocolate Butter Toffee. And if you are watching your sugar intake, Sugar-Free Caramel is offered. You can see a listing of all the goodies available here.

Sugared Caramel IngredientsOn the Facebook page I noticed  the caramels have made appearances at other events around the area. Check there for updates on where you can pick some up. But no worries if you cannot make it to the market or an event. It looks like you can make inquiries online and even arrange local delivery/pickup.

5 thoughts on “Sugared Caramel Candy

  1. Laurene Vickers

    Thank you for the reminder of the Winter Farmer’s Market. We have yet to take a trip down there so it’s good to hear from someone who’s been there. Caramels were one of my most favorite things as a kid growing up, especially the homemade ones. Nothing more exciting than more local flair so thank you for the introduction to another one. I recently had a crown pulled off from some grocery store caramel that my boss brought in for a treat so good to hear that this is not an issue with these goodies. It’s been fun reading your posts.

  2. Michelle - Sugared Caramel Candy

    I just stumbled upon this review while on the internet…thank you so much for the positive thoughts! I’m so glad you had a good experience. We take most of January off but start up again at the Rio Grande Winter Market on 1/31/15 and will be there every market after that time. They run every other Saturday. Thank you again – this made my day! Also, be on the lookout for new flavors to be rolled out between now and summer market season!

    1. misty Post author

      🙂 I also picked up some coconut last time I was at the market. I swear, I could eat that everyday. I LOVED IT!

  3. Shannon Cordova

    I also ran across the booth for Sugared Caramel Candy at the Rio Grande market myself. They had such an amazing and eye-catching display set-up and the various caramels I purchased were like little pieces of heaven. I encourage everyone to try them as well. Thank you for spotlighting them in your post.

  4. Christy B

    I’m a fan! “Sugared”s caramels are so rich, I find I only need one or two to satisfy my sweet tooth. And they are so buttery and luscious! I gave them for holiday gifts and recipients were so grateful! Factory produced caramel is not even in the same category as this stuff. So yummy!


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