Sugar Cookie Stack

Swig Bountiful

swig signOut and about again in Bountiful, we found ourselves peckish and in the mood for a dirty Dr. Pepper (with lime) and a cookie. I just wanted a big, buttery cookie but love to experiment so I tried a drink too. Now, being a Utah transplant (and not a soda drinker), I am new to the whole soda bar.

The soda bar, it really seems to be a thing in Utah. More than one shop specializes in making crazy concoctions.  Smoothies, bubble teas, and shaved ice are on the menu at a little shop called Swig. They add flavored syrups and can even add fruit puree. As far as I can tell, a dirty just means they add flavored syrup to whatever flavor of soda you want. While I cannot say that I would be a regular soda drinker, syrup added or not, I would be hard pressed to find a better spot to pick up as tasty of a sugar cookie.sugar cookie stack

This cookie run happened shortly after 7:00pm. The shop had a few customers and no line. We quickly ordered our drinks and a variety of cookies.

The sugar cookie is really worth a stop to this brightly colored soda shop. The overall size of the cookie is large, about 4″ diameter and 3/4″ thick with the frosting. The frosting has a light pink hue to it. The frosting amount seemed surprisingly consistent even though it looked as though they frosted to order.

sugar cookieThey keep the sugar cookies slightly chilled so that when frosted it changes the frosting consistency. The ratio of frosting to cookie is spot on. The buttery, sweetness of the soft cookie is complemented with the tang, my guess from sour cream, in the not-too-sweet frosting.

Personally, I’d pass in the future on the oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. If they ran out of the sugar cookies, the peanut butter cookie might do in a pinch. It is soft and very light in peanut butter flavor.

So if you are out and about craving a good sugar cookie, stop in at Swig. There are multiple locations around the state, I stopped in at the Bountiful location 165 South 500 West.

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