Hi. I have a confession. My name is Misty and I love (really love) anything sweet. If you love anything sweet, we should get along famously.

The Low Down

I am self-taught and professionally trained in baking and pastry. I graduated with high honors and special distinction from culinary school. I have worked some lines. I have traveled to some beautiful places. I have some training in food photography. I can work in kitchens of any size. My favorite tools are my hands, my mixer, and my camera. My favorite color is green.

My friends and mentors make up the sugar squad. We¬†hope to bring honest, helpful reviews of all things sweet from in and around Salt Lake City. We will also be sharing tested recipes and lots of photos, ’cause who likes to read with no pictures?! We will share information regarding fun events in our area, and will occasionally feature an online presence, even if they are not in the Salt Lake area, because the internet and mail make access to more sweets possible.