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Cutler’s Bountiful

Culter's outdoor signOut and about in Bountiful, someone suggested picking up a cookie at a little deli called Cutler’s. Easily found, with a bright, red neon sign, we stopped off to sample the wares.

We hit the shop a little after 7:00pm on a Thursday. Turns out they offer their cookies at 1/2 price after 7:00pm every day they are open! It makes the cookies a great price, the total for 5 cookies was $3.23. A deal but it meant that most of the cookies were gone by that time. Including the flavor we had gone in search of, the frosted peanut butter chocolate. It was sold out.Cutler's Indoor Sign

All peanut butter cravings aside, we managed to snag a few cookies that are worth a mention. These cookies are your basic cookies, nothing fancy. The cookies are all about 4″ in diameter a decent thickness (about 1/2″), and soft. The amount of frosting varied greatly so I imagine if you get there early enough in the day you could find cookies with more/less frosting to suit your needs.

frosted gingerbread and frosted sugarThe kids of the group loved the frosted sugar cookie, some of the sprinkles being tiny gingerbread men. The frosted gingerbread cookie has a great flavor. I saved one to try the next day and it was even better. I would really love to see it plain or with a lemon glaze rather than their frosting. The gingerbread cookies are apparently only available in the month of December so if you like soft gingerbread cookies, this is your month.

The other cookie we sampled, that is worth mention, is the brownie marshmallow. It has a good crumb, that fluffy mallow middle, and simple chocolate frosting. A similar cookie is the brownie mint, approach with caution if you like a mellow mint. It packs a punch.

brownie marshmallow and brownie mintIf you are in the area of 120 West 500 South in Bountiful, stop in for a cookie. I will be heading back, if just to grab the elusive frosted peanut butter chocolate cookie.

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