Chocolate at Caputo's Downtown

Chocolate Tasting Class

Looking for a fun, educational night out? It looks like Caputo’s still has spots available in their Introduction to Fine Chocolate Tasting Class. They hold the class in several locations, downtown, 15th & 15th, and Holladay. They even list classes all the way out into February. The times are in the evening, 7:15 or 7:30.

Check out all the listings, locations, dates, and times available here.
Fee: $25Chocolate at Caputo's Downtown

Don’t have time for a class? Take the time to stop by one of the locations and check out the chocolate selection. It is beautiful and extensive, boasting the largest selection of ultra premium chocolate in the United States. According to their website, you can ask about their ‘chocolate file’ and sample any bar they offer.

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